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If you are a Blogger or an Affiliate Marketeer or running an eCommerce store, You would be aware of how much of a difference a creative high-quality ad can make in terms of improving your sales. If you have never tried running ads then I highly recommend you follow this article till the end as I have a bonus in the end for you.

Advertising agencies are always on the prowl for more effective and efficient ways to do their job, but without a reliable ad platform, they can’t get work done efficiently.

So What is AdCreative.AI? is an automated, high-converting advertising platform that creates beautiful and compelling ads with the help of their data-trained AI.

With AdCreative AI, you can use machine learning to get on-brand and professional creatives for your targeted clients within minutes. This time-efficient AI helps businesses stay ahead of the competition. Instead of hiring social media marketer to track your leads, with just one click you can get all of your audience information.

The best AI Creative Platforms have the algorithm in mind with the final goal of conversion. This means that the algorithms learn daily and deliver creatives with new angles around branding, design, and messaging.

Not only is optimized to work with Google Ads, Facebook, Bing Ads, and Instagram, but you can even adjust these applications’ settings in your personalized dashboard.

Why Should you Try this Platform?

  • Reduce design chores and expenses by up to 90%
  • Spend the time and money you would have spent on design, creating value for the company instead
  • With High Converting Ads you need not perform manual testing and invest time on best-converting creatives, Everything is already done for you

Top-notch creatives are key to outstanding advertisements. That’s why you should invest in conversion-oriented creatives and take advantage of AI that is found on these advertising platforms.

AdCreative.AI Features

  • Better Conversions - Need better conversion rates? AdCreative offers up to 14X better conversions
  • Highly Scalable - Looking to run 1 and then scale to 10,000 creatives a month? Say goodbye to other platforms and hello to the best source for creating brilliant ads online!
  • Simple to Use and Create Stunning Ads - This software is all that one needs to design catchy, sleek ads with professionally designed content. Useful for creating engaging marketing material, its unique AI understands brand colors and font and designers seamless templates to match your organizational branding
  • Perfect for Collaborations - Invite up to 25 users to and let them generate unlimited creatives at the same time, all under one main account with Invite

AdCreative.AI Pricing and Getting Started

Step 1 - Sync your accounts - Connect your Facebook, Google, or Instagram Accounts on AdCreative.AI

Step 2 - Upload Your Logo - Upload a logo that carries transparent background

Step 3 - Select a Color - Select three colors that you are looking to use or let the AI decide the right colors for you

Step 4 - Select the Ad Account - Select the ad account for the brand you want to create and let the AI algorithm collect the data

Step 5 - Choose the size of the ad - Based on the platform you are running the ad on, Select the dimensions

That’s It, Let the AI do the magic for you. In terms of pricing as well, this tool has been very well positioned based on the requirements that business owners generally have. I recommend you begin with a Starter Plan and move to bigger plans as you scale your business.

If you have come this far, then here is the bonus for you. If you would like to get started with AdCreative.AI you get $500 Google Ads Credit for Free!

Click Here to Get Started with AdCreative.AI Today!

Thanks for Reading!

I use affiliate links in my content, They won’t cost you anything but helps me generate a source of income to put out amazing content on this platform. Thank you for your support.



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